Single Folders/Single Subjects (located in storage)

Yellow folder: Western Scholar materials (BYU student newspaper created by Steve Reiher, Flora Parker, and Paul Mero).

Green folder: PTM schoolwork from BYU.

Red folder: Homeschool materials and communications with the school district and Commonwealth of Virginia, circa 1988.

Plain folder: Mero church talks/remarks.

Blue/Green folder: Culture Watch Leadership Bulletin (a project of Projects for America, Mero first 501c3).

Lime Green folder: Photos.

White folder: PTM mental/emotional/personality assessments.

Spiral-bound: Legal material related to the ALS and GFC Foundations, wherein I served 10 on their boards.

Brown accordion folder, letter-sized: “The Natural Family: A Manifesto” material.

Plain manila folder, letter-sized: Well-wishes from before and after separation from Sutherland Institute.

Green Hanging Folder: Letters and communications from the “haters.”

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