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The LDS Church makes bad decisions based on fear

Fear-based decision-making leads to bad decisions. Every time. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – my church – just provided back-to-back examples of bad decisions based upon fear.

The first example is its decision to endorse the congressional Respect for Marriage Act (RFMA), thereby endorsing same-sex marriage. Its origin story arose out of fear that the United States Supreme Court might overturn the Obergefell decision that created a constitutional right for same-sex marriage. Justice Clarence Thomas said boo and, out of fear, supporters of same-sex marriage created the RFMA… read more

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Masons, Mormons, and Morons

Note: This commentary is a part of my “Saints Who Swear” series wherein I challenge attacks from apostates and haters of the LDS Church. I have chosen to use very salty language. I swear, a lot. If swear words offend you in the slightest, please do not read on.

Some anonymous person, anonymous like most apostates on social media, runs a website called LDS Discussions. He/she/it has tons of apostate garbage, like it is a full-time job, about how untrue the Gospel of Jesus Christ is through the lens of the LDS Church. A recent post on Twitter led me to this person’s research into how Joseph Smith supposedly crafted the LDS Temple Endowment from Masonic rituals — as if this claim is both new and true. read more

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