Requested Input and Instructions, Post-Congress

“School Prayer Motion and Amendment,” February 19, 1994, request to walk Jim Coon through floor processes for his boss (Mero)

“Procedure Regarding Prayer Amendment to Goals 2000,” March 16, 1994, and March 18, 1994, memos to Shannon Davis on behalf of Congressman Sam Johnson to help the congressman pass a prayer amendment to the Goals 2000 bill. (Mero)

“The Freedom of Speech Act of 1997,” introduced by Senator Jesse Helms, requested my assistance from Michele Lynn DeKonty, February 10, 1997. (Mero)

“Improving America’s Schools Act of 1994, H.R. 6,” requested my assistance from Congressman Mel Hancock to walk him through (by phone into the GOP Cloakroom) the floor procedure to pass his amendment to H.R. 6,  H.Amdt.490, to prohibit any local educational agency that receives funds under the bill from implementing or carrying out any program or activity which has either the purpose or effect of promoting homosexuality as a positive lifestyle alternative; Sponsor: Rep. Hancock, Mel [R-MO-7] (Offered 03/24/1994) Latest Action: 03/24/94 On agreeing to the Hancock amendment (A041) as amended Agreed to by recorded vote: 301 – 120 (Roll no. 92). (Mero)

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