Personal Writings/Creations

“How the contenders stack up,” a comparison chart of institutions thought of the “fundamental unit of society, designed for “The Natural Family: A Manifesto” book, published by Sutherland Institute, 2006.

The Natural Family: A Manifesto, special edition, jointly published by The Howard Center and Sutherland Institute, 2005 (Carlson/Mero).

“Back seat drivers henpeck current belt debate,” most likely a draft submitted unsuccessfully as an op-ed, no date.

“Potheads make bad laws,” original draft of placed op-ed, attached to a lengthy email response thanking me for the op-ed, April 12, 2018, response by Michael Jones.

“Parental Rights and Slavery: An Old Lesson for Today’s Public Education,” speech to American Heritage Academy, Burley, Idaho, May 18, 2002.

“Family Policy not Family Personal,” a draft op-ed submitted unsuccessfully to the Salt Lake Tribune, December 8, 2003.

“A ‘Benighted’ Perspective of Public Education,” a lengthy response to the Sutherland Institute publication “Saving Education and Ourselves” by Arthur Glenn Foster, Jr., October 8, 2003.

“Homosexuality: Your Tax Dollars at Work,” a Coral Ridge Ministries White Paper (pamphlet), (Mero, 1997).

“The Physics of the Natural Family: Why Families Don’t Fall Down,” speech to the World Congress of Family IV, Warsaw, Poland, May 11, 2007. [Probably my best intellectual thoughts and remarks in my career.]

“A Home Dedicated to the Lord: Parenting for Christ-Centered Families,” written for the American Family Association AFA Journal, November/December 1992.

“An Open Letter to Joe Cannon,” drafted for an op-ed in the Provo Daily Herald, approximately March 9, 1991.

Private letter to a former LDS ward bishop, Terry Metler, Fredericksburg Virginia Ward, July 31, 1992.

“The Unhappy Young Man: A Parable,” published by Sutherland Institute explaining how the natural family is the fundamental unit of society, (Mero, 2009).

“Family Excellence: You Belong in a Natural family,” an article for Personal Excellence: The Magazine of Personal Leadership (a Stephen Covey project), June 2005.

“What are the Requirements of Exaltation?” personal paper, circa 1990s.

“Born of God: The Only Way Back to Heavenly Father,” a scripture game I created for Primary children, circa 1990s.

“What is Your Purpose as a Parent?” written for the AFA Journal, early 1990s.

“We Might as well call it Something Else,” personal essay, part of a copyrighted selection of personal essays, 1995.

“Family Lecture Series” speeches before American Heritage School [Swim family], January 7, 2005, (Mero/Mero).

“Preface and Introduction” to a parenting book Cal Olson and I started, circa late 1990s.

“Part I: The Individual and Moral Agency,” the first “chapter” of the parenting book.

“Let Them Govern Themselves: In Defense of Moral Agency,” an outline of an essay with handwritten notes, circa 1990s.

“All Things are Spiritual: A Primer on Mormon Political Philosophy,” personal essay, circa early 1990s (maybe late 1980s).

“The Telestial Kingdom must be full of Neo-Conservatives,” personal essay, part of a copyrighted selection of personal essays, 1995.

“The Eternal Quest for Liberty,” personal essay, part of a copyrighted selection of personal essays, 1995.

“The Fall of Manhood,” personal essay, part of a copyrighted selection of personal essays, 1995.

“Mormons in Washington: Do They Help or Hinder the Kingdom of God?” personal essay, circa early 1990s (maybe late 1980s).

“An Open Letter to Wayne Owens,” unpublished letter, May 20, 1988 (Mero).

“Constituentism or Americanism: A Lesson for Conservatives from the Mormons,” personal essay, October 1992 (also a version dated August 1992).

“The Real Hatemongers,” a draft resembling a movie review of “The Handmaiden’s Tale,” circa early 1990s.

“The Potiphar’s Wife Test,” an essay submission to the Ensign magazine at the request of the Stake President, Fredericksburg Virginia Stake, circa mid-1990s.

“A Winning Strategy for Conservatives Regarding the NEA,” a speech delivered at the Western Conservative Political Action Conference, October 22, 1993, at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, while working for Christian Action Network.

“A Letter from Jay Todd, managing editor, Ensign magazine,” submitted two short essays, “To Persecute the Saints” and “The Eternal Quest for Liberty,” both refused, October 11, 1999.

“A Marriage Better Than Good or The Promise of a Better Marriage,” a requested article as a part of my application to work at the Ensign magazine, 1986.

“Why I Support Bob Dornan for President,” a speech delivered at the Sixth Annual Third Generation Retreat, The Heritage Foundation, June 10, 1995.

“Governing the Pursuit of Happiness: A Radical Understanding,” lost remarks from the First Annual Convention of the Foundation for Economic Education, circa 2000s.

“Back and Forth with Senator Orrin Hatch Regarding Hate Crimes Legislation,” March 9, 1989, letter from me to him, March 27, 1989, letter from him to me; April 19, 1989, letter from me to him; and, a May 1, 1989, letter from him to me, wherein he concluded in three sentences, “I will try to keep your views in mind as I continue to lead my life.”

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