Meaningful Letters from Influential People

(Mostly expressions of kindness, praising my work, and well wishes)

Adam Meyerson, editor, Policy Review, July 10, 1995.

Governor Gary Herbert, December 9, 2014.

Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI), Edward N. Peters, August 18, 1982.

Carnegie Corporation of New York, Geri Mannion, December 30, 2014.

Congressman Robert K. and Sallie Dornan, Christmas, 2004.

Allan C. Carlson, handwritten note, circa the 2000s.

Richard B. Wirthlin, October 20, 2003.

David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies, Jeff Ringer, November 21, 2002.

Utah Issues, Bill Crim, May 21, 2002.

  1. Delworth Gardner, October 18, 2001.

Oliver De Mille, handwritten note, circa the mid-1990s.

Marty R. Stephens, Utah House Speaker, March 21, 2001.

Menlo F. Smith, December 11, 2000.

Lewis K. Billings, Mayor of Provo, December 8, 2000.

Menlo F. Smith, November 22, 2000.

Office of the Governor, reappointment to the Child Support Guidelines Advisory Committee, Cherilyn Bradford, June 28, 2011.

Governor Gary Herbert, March 17, 2011.

John C. Wester, Diocese of Salt Lake City, July 9, 2010.

John C. Wester, Diocese of Salt Lake City, April 30, 2010.

John A. Howard, handwritten note, October 3, 2008.

Karen McCreary, ACLU of Utah, handwritten note, April 9, 2008.

Utah Department of Human Services, appointment to CSGAC, Donna L. Russell, June 27, 2007.

Allan C. Carlson, handwritten note, October 22, 2007.

The Heritage Foundation, Lectures and Seminars Program, John E. Hilboldt, September 12, 2007.

United States Senator Richard J. Durbin, August 6, 2013.

United States Senator Orrin G. Hatch, November 25, 2013.

John C. Wester, Diocese of Salt Lake City, June 27, 2013.

Congressman Chris Cannon, February 6, 2003.

Menlo F. Smith, July 22, 2002.

Menlo F. Smith, October 7, 2005.

Utah Valley State College, Center for the Study of Ethics, Brian D. Birch, October 5, 2004.

Alan R. Osmond, July 9, 2004.

United States Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, November 4, 2002, (Witte)

Congressman William E. Dannemeyer, February 23, 2001.

Mary Ellen Smoot, December 11, 2004. (Swim)

John C. Wester, Archdiocese of Santa Fe, typed and handwritten note, July 8, 2015.

John A. Howard, handwritten note, March 10, 2001.

Boyd Matheson, email, September 10, 2014.

Khosrow B. Semnani, February 12, 2008.

John L. (Jack) Swan, Archdiocese of New York, Family Life and Respect Life Office, January 15, 1998. (Carlson)

Paul M. Weyrich, handwritten note, February 22, 1999.

Ed Feulner, several handwritten notes over the years.

Special: Grouping of Letters to Congressman William E. Dannemeyer from supporters of Valparaiso University, praising the intellectual and theological arguments in a letter from Congressman Dannemeyer to the University’s Board of Elders in defense of traditional marriage, circa June 1992. [Of note: Significant because I wrote the Congressman’s presentation making a religious argument for traditional marriage…using the LDS Plan of Salvation as my basis – a Latter-day Saint presenting to Missouri Synod Lutherans.]

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