Fairness for All is a failed strategy to protect religious freedom

The contention between religious freedom and gay rights is and always has been binary. The “Utah Compromise” of 2015 was a mirage and its illusory light distantly refracting for dull visionaries now gives hope to an identical federal proposal by U.S. Rep. Chris Stewart. But it too will disappoint.

Here is why: Can you imagine Martin Luther King Jr. settling for a “Southern Compromise” wherein blacks gain all civil rights except among certain segments of society? Regarding the Utah Compromise, if everyone is being honest, the LGBT community got hoodwinked for a hug at the state Capitol — a disappointing accomplishment as viewed by astute national LGBT advocates who well understood the problems of legalized discrimination.

I sincerely respect my friends and associates who see the current Fairness for All differently. But frankly, none of them have fought the culture war to the extent I have. All lack the bona fides to authoritatively counter my warning today: Fairness for All is a failed strategy to protect religious freedom.



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